Life after hip replacement surgery is the same as it was before the surgery. But there are some things that get changed for hip replacement patients. Some patients recover faster than others. The Hip Replacement Recovery period in the hip replacement candidates varies on the basis of the mental and physical health of the patients. In addition, the recovery rate depends on several factors including the success of the hip implant surgery, and the occurrence of any complications after the surgery.

But no matter if a patient gets fully recovered in the next few months there are some things that they wouldn’t be able to do after the surgery. There are certain activities that hip replacement candidates can’t perform in daily routine life, If you are a person who has gone through hip replacement surgery or planning to have a total hip replacement surgery then you should need to know about the things that you can’t do after your surgery to prevent your new joint from dislocating and ensure proper healing.

The common things that a person can’t do after a Total hip replacement are listed below –

Don’t Bend at the Waist Beyond 90 Degrees.

It may sound painful as is, but bending the waist beyond 90 degrees is a big NO-NO for people having hip replacement surgery. Bending beyond 60 to 90 degrees after your surgery may lead to a high dislocation risk. Hence it is strongly recommended that you avoid bending at the waist beyond 90 degrees for at least the first 4 to 5 months after the surgery.

Don’t Turn Your Feet Inward Or Outward When You Bend Down

While your hip heals after hip replacement surgery, there are certain positions and movements that could cause your new hip joint to come out of the socket. Turning your feet excessively inward or outward is one of them. Make su-re you avoid movements like this approx the next 3 months of the surgery.

Don’t Reach Down To Pull Up Blankets When Lying In Bed

It’s a long process to completely heal your ligaments and muscles and support your new joint. Hence it is very necessary for you to avoid some daily activities which were easy to do before your surgery. After having a successful hip replacement surgery, activities like pulling up the blankets when lying in the bed are strictly prohibited.

Don’t Bring Your Knee Up Higher Than Your Hip

Your doctor has advised you about being active when you reach home. It’s true, You should stay active once you come home. But it’s also important to not excessively do it! If you are doing some hip replacement exercises or normal activity, don’t do any activity which involves bringing your knees up higher than your hip.

Don’t Lean Forward While Sitting/As You Sit Down

Having a hip replacement will relieve the pain from the hip joint itself. Because of the position of the wound, there is a minimal chance of the hip dislocating until the soft tissue around the new hip has healed. Leaning forward while sitting or as you sit down will cause an unnecessary strain on the tissues around your hip joint which will eventually lead to hip pain and might be to hip dislocation.

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