There are a lot of patients suffering from severe pain and dysfunctionality of their hip but don’t proceed with major surgery any soon. People appear to brush off pain as a result of this anxiety, to the point that the condition becomes severe. When a health condition necessitates surgery, this mindset is normal.

Most people are afraid of Hip replacement surgery because it’s time consuming, expensive and painful. Avoiding surgery, on the other hand, not only worsens the effects of any illness on your body, but it can also cause problems in many areas of your life.

Surgery isn’t the first treatment doctors try on an aching joint, but a patient shouldn’t wait too long when offered the option of surgery. Delaying your total hip replacement surgery can cause you some of the problems mentioned below-

A). Deterioration of Joint Tissue –

With delaying the right surgery treatment for your In hip joint the arthritis gets worsens, & there can be increasing deformity of the joint.arthritis. Your one leg length can get shorten as cartilage and bone wear away. Joint replacement can become more complicated with increasing deformity of the joint.

B). Increasing Joint Stiffness –

This may indicate that a joint deformity is progressing – Although this is usually a slow process – that joint stiffness is increasing. The muscles around the joint weakens as you use your hip very less. Progressive joint damage will make surgery more difficult and hip replacement recovery time longer.

C). Muscles Weaknesses –

Delaying your Hip replacement surgery can cause the muscles around the bad joint to weaken, making recovery more difficult and increasing the risk that the patient will never regain full strength.

D) Compensatory Problems Like Back Pain –

These types of problems occur when a person completely relies on other body parts to get relief from pain. This action can cause additional problems outside of the joint, such as back pain, non-osteoarthritic knee pain, or shoulder pain. The longer the surgery is delayed, the greater the chance that this pain as well as the pain in the affected hip, will increase.

E). Other Health Problems –

Delaying your hip replacement can lead you with other health related issues like weight gain, cardiac, Pulmonary conditions, losing physical fitness, Kidney infection because of high dose of long term pain killers.

Hip replacement surgery can allow you to resume your previous level of operation before developing arthritis or suffering an injury. You will resume your daily life of working, playing if you get the procedure completed early.The cause of your hip issue, the condition of your hip joint, and your immediate needs all play a role in determining the best time to have surgery.

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