The most common question that any person asks with orthopedic surgeons is” How Long Does Hip Replacement Surgery Take to perform”. Well, depending on the procedure and the complications with the patients, the overall time with hip replacement surgery can vary person to person but the hip replacement surgery takes just 1-2 hours to perform(Average Time).

The total duration of your hip replacement surgery depends on various factors like – type of hip replacement you’re undergoing like anterior or posterior, type of hip replacement like Total Hip Replacement or partial hip replacement, the severity of your joint osteoarthritis and many more. Here in this article you are going to get a complete overview on how long does hip replacement surgery take that will make you comfortable with the procedure.

What Happens on Your Surgery Day –

Any type of surgery can be haunting, However, we wish to allay your fears. On the day of your procedure, here’s what to expect and know How Long Does Hip Replacement Surgery Take:

A). Check In to the Hospital –

After having a number of thoughts, finally you have decided to undergo hip replacement with a affordable hip replacement cost. Now when you check in to the hospital, you will be directed to the operation room. After getting inside, you will be instructed to change with a hospital gown. You are all set to finally have your hip replacement surgery.

When you meet with your surgeon, you can ask any doubt and can have complete answer to make sure you are menally prepare for the surgery. You’ll be given regional or general anesthetic, as well as a spinal block and sedatives. You can also expect to be pain-free for up to 24 hours after the procedure if you have a spinal block.

After you’ve gone completely under, it’s go time!

B). Surgery Time – How Long Does Hip Replacement Surgery Take

  • After you have gone completely under anesthesia, the surgeon and the operation team will make an incision. The incision will be made at the top of your thigh bone, cutting through the skin, tissue, and muscles to provide your surgeon access to your hip bone.
  • After having access to your troubled area, your upper thigh bone’s head is removed. After resurfacing the socket to remove any damaged bone surface, an artificial cup is inserted on top of the head of the bone. New bone will grow around the dome-shaped cup as your bone heals.
  • Now, your surgeon will replace a natural component of your femur with an artificial one. Your surgeon will test the motion of your prosthetic joint before completing the treatment by bringing your knee to your chest and elevating your leg.
  • A last examination is performed to ensure that your new surgical leg is stable, that both leg lengths are equal, and that dislocation is unlikely. The wound is then stitched and stapled closed after the incision site has been cleaned with sterile solution.

Just like that, you’ve got yourself a new hip.

C). Hip Replacement Recovery

After a successful hip replacement surgery you are being shifted to the recovery room. Your hip replacement recovery going to be closely monitored by the medical team until you get fully conscious again. Depending on the anesthesia and drugs, this could take several hours and this could be the possible answer for How Long Does Hip Replacement Surgery Take? You will be shifted to the hospital room again after you regain full consciousness. Your surgeon team will keep you in the hospital for the next 2 or 3 days, and then you will get discharged and ready to go home with your new hip.

Make sure you start physical exercises and physical therapy to speed up your recovery process. There are a number of Post Hip Replacement Exercises that you should follow to get better results in a short time.  You can also discuss the all asspects of hip replacement at our hip replacement community.

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