General hip pain can be treated with regular medicines and exercises but how do you know that it’s time for you to have a total hip replacement surgery? Hip pain can make your life a living hell. When your daily life activities start to get affected by the severe pain of your hip joint, it’s time to go to your orthopedic surgeon for a Hip replacement.

Hip replacement surgery is the best option to get relief of your hip arthritis pain and get back into your normal life. The hip replacement recovery period is quite long, but the life after recovery is a lot easier and smoother.

Here is the list of the signs that you need a Hip Replacement Surgery –

1. Severe Pain in Hip Joint –

One of the key symptoms that there may be an underlying problem with your hip joint is pain in the hip or groyne area. Here is the List of the many ways it can be manifest for you –

  • Pain During Walk
  • Pain During Sleep
  • Pain During Bending Over
  • Pain During Sitting
  • Pain in Night
  • Pain During Your Daily Day Activities

2. Hip Joint Stiffness –

The longer you delay your hip replacement surgery, the more your hip joint becomes stiff with each passing day. Hip stiffness is the one of the main indications that you really require hip replacement surgery. If you are experiencing hip stiffness more often & preventing you from doing your daily activities, it’s time for you to talk to your surgeon and proceed with your hip replacement procedure as soon as possible.

3. Having Trouble in Standing –

You may have a hip problem if you can’t stand on your problem leg for more than a minute, even with the use of a door frame or a tabletop for balance.

4. Difficulties in Normal Leg Movements –

Hip joint problems can seriously affect the normal movements of your legs. Even if you ignore the pain or manage to handle the pain, the disability of the hip joint can make a lot of your normal leg movements difficult or impossible.

Like –

  • Putting your shoes on or your socks on.
  • Covering a normal distance by walking.
  • Standing in one leg, even with the support.

5. General Pain Medicines Aren’t delivering enough Pain Relief

Most people follow some medications (Steroid injections, Anti Inflammatory Medicines) when they start to feel hip pain more frequently. But if the condition gets worse these medicines won’t deliver you enough pain relief. In this condition your doctor will definitely suggest you to have hip replacement surgery treatment.

Your Doctor will not suggest hip replacement surgery as long as it is possible to treat your hip pain with some medications or physical therapy. But once the condition gets out of control, that’s when a Hip replacement surgery is the only option to make your life normal again.

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Want to Have A Hip Replacement Surgery?? –

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