Hip Replacement - hpr@dmin

The Hip Replacement cost can give you a little shock.

A friend had a hip replacement recently, and she sent over her bill. What’s interesting to us is, among other things, the Hospital for Special Surgery bill and the Cigna bill don’t add up.

Cigna reports that it was billed $95,459.83; HSS reports that it billed $63,604.00, absent physical therapy that was billed to Cigna.

Cigna’s “payments and adjustments” were $88,585.53, per HSS.

On its bill, Cigna reported that its payments were $77,967.86, and discounts were $17,468.50. Some of this does add up: That totals $95,436.36. My friend paid $23.47, according to the bill, as a copay for a semi-private ward.

It’s not clear that any of this is apples to apples.

Refrence – https://clearhealthcosts.com/blog/2019/05/how-much-does-a-hip-replacement-cost-95459-or-77967-or-why-does-the-insurance-company-pay-more-than-the-bill/