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Possible Risks After Hip Replacement Surgery-

No surgery is fully safe, there are always some risks associated with the surgery. Some of the common risks that are associated with the hip replacement are –


The general and most dangerous risk that is associated with hip replacement surgery is the possibility of the infection. The tissues of the nearby areas of hip implant or the location of the incision can get infected after the surgery. No surgical procedure is without risks.

Blood Clots:

Patients with hip replacement surgery generally suffer from the problem of Blood clotting in leg veins. Those who have had this blood clot condition earlier or had cancer usually face this issue after surgery. .

Joint Stiffness:

After some time of the surgery, there are a lot of chances that the tissues around your Joint harden and make it difficult for you to walk or move comfortably. In medical science this condition is called “Ossification”.

To prevent this condition your doctor prefers radiation therapy and general medications.


There are some chances during the hip surgery that a fracture may occur in the healthy part of your hip

Delay in Wound Healing:

Those people who were facing diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or were on long term corticosteroids may face the problem of delay in wound healing after a hip surgery.

Different leg length:

Your legs may not be equally in length after the surgery. The surgery sometimes makes one leg shorter than the other.

Artificial Hip Joint Parts Loosening:

The artificial parts that are fixed during the surgery can get loose with the time. When a tissue starts to grow between the component and the bone this condition occurs. There is a strong possibility for you to have a second hip surgery if the loosened tissue causes you the unbearable pain.

Chances of Hip Dislocation after Hip Replacement:

There is a strong possibility for a hip dislocation after the surgery.


Those who have a recent heart attack or blood pressure issue, can face the problem with general anesthesia that is administered.

Make sure you have talked with your doctor about these risks and then decided to undergo this procedure.

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