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Hip Replacement SURGERY – Procedure
In Hip Replacement surgery, doctors remove or replace the portion of pelvis and femur (thigh bone) that form the hip joint.

Types of the Hip Replacement Surgery –

  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery (The most common type of the surgery)
  • Partial Hip Replacement
    Hip Resurfacing

Total Hip Replacement

In this Hip Replacement Article, the socket part of your joint is replaced with a durable plastic cup which includes a titanium metal shell. The head of the femur (thigh bone) will get replaced or removed with a ceramic or a metal alloy ball. The new ball is inserted with the help of a metal stem into the top of your femur head.

Partial Hip Replacement –

In this, the hip replacement surgery is performed for one side only, instead of both of the sides. Commonly this surgery takes place for old age patients.

Hip Resurfacing

It is an alternative for total hip replacement. If you are an active person under the age of 60, this can be the best option for you. In this procedure your actual natural femoral head gets retained. It provides a better and more stable hip joint than a traditional total hip replacement surgery.

Posterior VS Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery –

There are two methods available in medical science to perform the hip replacement.

Posterior Hip Replacement Approach
Anterior Hip Replacement Approach

The main difference between the posterior and anterior hip replacement is the location of the incision.

Posterior – Incision performed at the front of the hip by typically starting at the top of the pelvic bone (iliac crest) and extends down toward the top of the thigh.

Anterior – Incision performed on the side of the hip. The incision is made from behind the greater trochanter, a knobby piece of bone that protrudes from the top of the femur (thigh bone).

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