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We have a mission to have an open and informative discussion regarding hip health. All areas of hip health and wellbeing are encouraged to be explored by our hip replacement community.

In this hip replacement Community, topics such as a mild injury to a major hip problem will be discussed. Areas of treatment, whether wholistic or medical establishment, physical therapy, acupuncture, stem cell, hip replacement recovery, self-treatment, as well as surgical intervention.

  • Hip Replacement Community members are encouraged to engage in relevant dialogue, as well as contribute articles and videos, that are subject to site review.
  • Millions of people around the world experience hip related concerns. From mild pain to extreme discomfort of hip replacement surgery, sharing our experience will create a large universe of resources and relevant direction.
  • The hip replacement community does not represent opinion, guidance or fact, that only your licensed medical practitioner can state as fact or exact direction for each patient.
  • Rather, this site strives to fill the gaps of knowledge that the public may lack and that medical studies may have not explored. There is a wealth of knowledge around the world that pertains to hip health. Use this site as a resource for further exploration, best hip replacement cost, community support and the path to greater understanding to treat the hip and related conditions.
  • As we grow, so will our knowledge, levels of comfort, and community support to help with a common experience. WELCOME ALL!